Commercial evaluation and assistance is given in order to meet final customer requirement and most reliable solution. Technical support will confirm the solution alignment with the required international standard.
This customer support is also given to these specific topics:

Protection panels engineering

Technical and commercial support for the protection panel orders. The main activities are here below listed:

  • Main Equipment selection
  • Protection panel mechanical layout, both internal and external
  • Protection single and three line diagram
  • Protection panel schematic diagram completed with the related terminal boards
  • Material list with the order code details
  • Order follow-up, with front end to final client
  • Full panel functional and mechanical internal test and FAT with final client

Electrical switchgear revamping

The activity starting from the existing electrical panels or switchgears schematic diagram consists in the following:

  • Site survey for collecting data and documentation required
  • Old equipment replacement with the choice of the most suitable devices, in order to assure same or more functionality and reliability
  • Schematic drawings updating
  • Method of statement and procedure for replacement of the old equipments and installation of the new ones

CAD Softwares

Following software support is available for the schematic diagram development:

  • SPAC 2013
  • DraftSight Pro