The Site Service activities can be carried out both on domestic soil or abroad, both offshore and onshore. DLA service engineers are in possession of offshore induction and emergency training recognized by the major oil companies. The assistance given by ours skilled personnel consists in the support commissioning of electrical protection system.

In details it consists of the following topics:

  • Relay protection setting and verification in accordance with Protection Selectivity Study
  • Protection testing with current and voltage injection in order to verify and check the correct relay operation in accordance with error limit given by the manufacturers
  • For each single protection a test form will be filled out with all setting details as well as testing results

Our field service is then completed by:

  • Test of MV interface protection on italian final users, in accordance to standard CEI 0-16 3rd Edition requirements
  • Electrical power network analisys, for energy quality verification Chauvin Arnoux instrument type Qualistar C.A. 8334 with current sensors able to measure up to 6000 Amps

Associated to protection test, electrical network check are carried out to support the correctness of the protection system and the related logics. In detail:

  • Test of tripping circuits and circuit breakers operation
  • Current transformer primary injection, polarity test and saturation curves to verify ratio, polarity and class
  • Voltage transformer primary injection and polarity test to verify ratio and polarity
  • Load test and voltage test to demonstrate the protection stability and response in all the electrical measurement
  • Full assistance during plant start up. Special support for those automatic logics such as automatic transfer, emergency diesel logics, load shedding and more
  • Assistance for all electrical test required for alternator electrical alignment (short circuit test. Full speed no load test, earth fault test, parallel operation test, load test)
  • Load test for Asynchronous and Synchronous motor)

Equipment Test Devices

Protection tests are carried out using the following three phase or single phase digital equipment.

  • ISA DRTS-6
  • ISA DRTS-34
  • ISA DRTS-64
  • ISA T-1000

All of them are verified and calibrated every single year by certificate laboratories, in accordance to manufacturer specification.