Electrical calculations and network studies for the definition of the most reliable network topology and related protection system.
All studies are developed in accordance to the main European and American standards such as IEC (IEC 60909 and IEC 61363), ANSI-IEEE.
Furthermore is here highlighted the availability to carry out survey activities for the data collection required for electrical network studies development.

In order to verify the suitability of the electrical plant philosophy and to define the best technical solutions, we are capable to perform the following electrical calculations and network analysis:

  • Electrical load balance
  • Load flow and voltage drop calculation
  • Short circuit calculation
  • Motor starting simulation
  • Harmonic analysis and passive filter verification
  • Transient stability analysis
  • Relay protection selectivity study
  • Arc Flash analysis

Electrical network calculations are completed by the following:

  • Cable sizing
  • Grounding resistor dimensioning
  • Current transformer and voltage transformer verification

Software packages

The electrical network studies are realized with the support of the following software:

  • SKM Power*Tools

Selectivity studies can concern every type of relay protections (direct and indirect), even if not present in the library supplied together with software packages. Those relays not present inside libraries will be implemented in accordance to the protection application manuals.