• identify the real needs of the Customer and propose the most suitable solutions in order to improve the performance of the products, guaranteeing the expected requirements;
  • to guarantee availability and prompt delivery of products and services;
  • to guarantee respect for the individual and the community, with regard to health and safety at work and environmental protection;
  • achieve full customer satisfaction by providing value-added products and services whenever possible;


The know-how, in all the years of activity of the organization, has evolved and developed focusing on specific sectors.

For this reason, the Management has always considered quality a key element of its strategy and has promoted, at all levels, a constant and lasting commitment.

The careful analysis of the market, the process approach and the strategic planning of resources allows the Organization to provide, with regularity, Quality products and services that meet the customer's requirements and applicable mandatory requirements and to face risks and opportunities associated with its context and objectives.

The process approach and the full application of the mandatory requirements guarantee the achievement of performances.

To achieve the above, our daily actions focus on:

  • the value of the Worker, as a valuable resource for the Organization;
  • the value of Professionalism, as an indispensable tool of our daily actions;
  • the value of Seriousness and Transparency, as guides of our work;
  • the value of Quality, as the primary method for the realization of our products and services;
  • the value of Respect and Full application of mandatory and voluntary regulatory requirements.


The management and the collaborators of DLA Service & Engineering S.r.l. , fully embracing the philosophy of the company, the full manifestation of these principles is presented as a further objective to the client companies and the community in general.

Quality, set as a tool for the organization's success, is a demanding objective that requires the active participation of all the collaborators of DLA Service Engineering S.r.l.

The DLA Service & Engineering S.r.l. staff shares this philosophy in a deep, complete and participatory way, in the full conviction that only in the observance of these principles can a foundation of trust, respect and mutual satisfaction be founded.